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Sokath, His Eyes Opened

This Monmouth poll yesterday deserved to receive more attention than it did: Majority believe ‘deep state’ manipulates U.S. policies. “The majority of the country believes a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate national policy, according to a … Continue reading

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L’Estro Armonico (and, tangentially, Gene Simmons)

Nowadays you can find even obscure pieces of classical music but a click away on YouTube (such as the Wolf’s Glen scene from Weber’s Der Freischuetz, I mean, that’s amazing really).   In the past, music majors such as my … Continue reading

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There Shall Be No Darkness

Twelve years ago I cited James Blish’s “There Shall Be No Darkness” as the best werewolf short fiction bar none, but unlike the quite unrelated Lovecraftian tale “Than Curse The Darkness,” I couldn’t find TSBND online to post or excerpt … Continue reading

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Still Enjoying the Decline

Just a reminder of what I’m about nowadays; the sentiment’s still quite the same as when I quoted this Irish fellow. As he seems to have taken his own advice and is off doing better things with his life than … Continue reading

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Within living memory we had a fairly uniform standard of living

I’d sort of intuitively remembered experiencing this, perhaps from my own observations while moving across the country as a kid more than most military brats: Today, the story of America is largely the story of two economies – rural and … Continue reading

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RIP Stephen Hawking

Steve Hsu has a nice post about Hawking, with good links to Roger Penrose’s obit and some reminiscences of Hsu’s personal encounters with the great man and his staff. (How many people can say they’ve carried Stephen Hawking?) Hsu recalls … Continue reading

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Everybody’s a MacGyver

If a lazy MacGyver just uses a gun, is a gun the lazy man’s MacGyver?

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And We’re Back!

As a quasi-test of my ability to embed stuff after almost a year’s absence, here’s a link on Twitter to David Hines’ awesome running list, followed by the video links to the ones I liked. The Gael was played at … Continue reading

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The Navy will be Trump’s Pearl Harbor

Stephen Hsu observes: The strategic importance of the South China Sea and artificial islands constructed there is primarily to the ability of the US to cut off the flow of oil to PRC. The islands may enable PRC to gain … Continue reading

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On Moonlight

I have not yet seen “Moonlight,” but will now; not for the Oscar, but because I used to swap between Fuji and Kodak for artistic effect: …the three chapters of the film were designed to imitate different film stocks. The … Continue reading

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