Kangal Dog

Twenty-sixteen was (to put it mildly) a rather rough year for me and those I love, capping a five-year-long midlife crisis extended epiphany.

Happily, most everything’s right with my world now, but for the gaping hole left by Alaska’s passing.

Greatest book-cover illustration ever.

There’s only one name for my next white wolfdog companion: Cafall, from Susan Cooper’s The Grey King.

But I could definitely see a Kangal dog joining our household as well. What better hunting companion for an ultra-long-range specialty-pistol shooter than a breed whose gaze is always focused on the horizon?

h/t: Isegoria.

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  1. Ragin' Dave says:

    I’d have to live waaaaay out in the country to have a dog like that. They leave turds the size of salami. Big salami, not the tiny little Trader Joe’s salami. I’d need a couple acres of woods for them to do their business in so that I wasn’t picking up metric tons of dog pool.

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