This Scout is Blegging for Optics

This poor fellow is in need of some target acquisition assistance. What d’yall think is a good choice?

Can't see much without my glasses

Can’t see much without my glasses

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5 Responses to This Scout is Blegging for Optics

  1. Chris says:

    Looks like a scout to me not a socom. Still a aimpoint forward mounted ala Randy Shughart is pretty cool.

  2. Yep, I misnamed it as a SOCOM. it is indeed a Scout. My bad. I revised the thread title. Appreciate the correction and the suggestion.

  3. Armageddon Rex says:

    You’ve got that great 7.62 NATO cartridge that changes what many consider cover into concealment. You should be able to really reach out and touch some one, but since it’s the Scout version, short, handy, light (all relative in the case of a M-14 clone) you want an optic that is good for room clearing or out to several hundred meters. Something that will be reliable but not to bulky or heavy. That means expensive! Cheap, reliable, high-performance. Pick any two. If you want all three, your optic will likely cost more than your rifle, but will then last a lifetime. I humbly suggest mortgaging your future children’s college fund for:
    Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm (34mm) M6C1
    It’s not a Scout scope and should be mounted in the “traditional” location, but it is very small and light and does most everything you’d want for a combat optic. Good luck!

  4. eriko says:

    I have the HiLux 2-7x scout scope on a ruger scout. It has held up to a couple 100 rounds. That said a bolt action only has 1 shock to deal with. Your gun has at least 4 and the scope might not handle it.


    Gas piston

    Bolt to the rear

    and Bolt back in battery.

    This on the hand is quite snazzy×33-VX-R-30mm-Scout-Scope-P69513.aspx Leupold 1.5-5×33 VX-R 30mm Scout Scope with a factory red dot. SWFA has them made just for them.

  5. Mike says:

    I also have a Hi-lux on a Ruger Gunsite Scout. It’s taken a couple of pigs, and is quite a nice optic. Several of the so-called Scout scopes actually lack the eye relief to really be mounted ahead of the ejection port, Leupold and Burris included.

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