So simple

A welder can do it.

A couple weeks back I discovered that my EOTech was not firing up as it should. I opened the battery cover to find this


A battery took a leak all over the insides. Having never had a problem with it, I was worried that it may have needed to go back to them for repairs.

But after doing a quick bit of internetting, I found that I was being silly, because the engineers at EOTech had thought of this problem and made this user repairable.

$13 worth of parts took care of the problem.


I decided that I even had enough cash to spring for the $7 top cover replacement screws since the factory ones had begun to get rusty and crusty looking in the decade I’ve owned it.

All is now well in my ShortHeavy AR’s world now.

But, I really want to add that there are only two companies listed by EOTech as parts retailers. One of them has a website that doesn’t list parts for the sights, and the other one will charge you more for shipping than you’re paying for the parts (yes, $20+ for standard USPS shipping in a bubble envelope). I’ve written EOTech, but I haven’t heard back and don’t expect to.

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  1. Merle says:

    $20 for shipping! They’ve got you by the short & curlies and they know it! 🙁


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