The Full Spectrum

The left is going all out in their attempt to rally the troops so they can get their gun control on.

They’re trying use comedy to bust up GunTV before it even starts to try and snatch up the Daily Show style crowd (yes, full Markley’s Law).

Don’t be surprised this January when middle-of-the-night channel surfing leads you to GunTV, a live shopping network dedicated to one thing: guns! The channel, set to launch in early 2016, will air programming between the hours of 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, and anyone can submit products to be sold on the network via a simple application form on the GunTV website. Since I stumbled upon this website, I’ve been submitting every idea that comes to my head. I’m hoping that adding relentless clutter to GunTV’s inbox might distract them from their mission of pushing firearms on a susceptible, late-night viewing audience that’s not best known for its strong decision-making skills.

And to keep the hardliners standing at the barricades, some new terminology: Domestic Disarmament

Given that even micro gun control measures will be effectively blocked by the NRA and its allies, and that promoting mini measures as potentially effective is misleading, progressives may as well go for the big enchilada: Call for domestic disarmament.

One may say that the Supreme Court, after 250 years in which the Second Amendment was read as allowing only a well-regulated militia to have guns, recently reinterpreted it to mean that there is an individualized right to own guns. This suggests that we may have to get to domestic disarmament through the back door.

Make the gun manufacturers liable for harm done with their products. Ban the sale of ammunition. And vote for a president that will add to the Supreme Court those who will read the Second Amendment as written.

Above all, domestic disarmament is a true, compelling vision which cannot be said about the small gun control measures that are currently promoted by some of the most enlightened people among us.

Be careful, there is some Grade AA Large Bullshit within that one.

Each of these authors knows in their heart that a firearm in the hands of a private citizen could never be used to stop a mass shooting. Even when there is ample proof they’re wrong. Like this latest defensive firearm use by a good guy.

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