So Full of Hate

They are willing to believe anything.

I only watched part of Tuesday night’s debate among the “R” candidates (the wife can’t stand the damn things), but caught this on one of the leftist sites yesterday:

Why Marco Rubio Owes Philisophers an Apology

Rubio made a comment during the debate about how the nation needs more welders than philosophers entering the workforce.

“Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders than philosophers.”

This is a true statement by any measure. There is little to no measurable demand for someone who sits on their butt and tells people about random shit. However, the US government (the leftists all knowing, all seeing friend), the national association of manufactuers, and the American Welding Society all agree that there will be nearly 300,000 TOO FEW welders available in the industry in less than five years.

Despite all the evidence proving the above, Think Progress found a site that lists the earnings difference between an AAS degree in Welding Science versus a BA in Philosophy. The Philosophy degree holders DO earn more. But theyre is nothing listed about their employment rate or how quickly they were able to find work after attaining their degree.

The current problem with the Welding AAS is that the top students in welding programs are headhunted out of the programs before attaining the actual degree which skews the numbers. I was a good student, but not among the top five in my class, so I had to wait a whole 10 days after completing the course before being offered two jobs.

Also, they don’t bother to mention that the average BA degree costs three-to-four times what my AAS did and takes three-to-four times as long to complete. I spent approximately $16k for 18 months of courses and left with four internationally recognized certifications. 18 months in a Philosophy course qualifies you to serve coffee at minimum wage plus tips.

Which is what most Philosophy majors end up doing for a few years before figuring out that they wasted their money and time and doing something their successful at.

The leftists hate the “R” candidates so extensively that they’re willing to kick all logic square in the ass and out the window and downplay a good career to badmouth them.

If the leftists want to know the reason the trades are booting out unions, it is because the people going into the trades don’t have time or a low enough self-esteem to believe what the unions are selling. Those folks go to Liberal Arts colleges to get coddled.

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4 Responses to So Full of Hate

  1. Merle Morrison says:

    Surely you didn’t expect anything different?


  2. Ragin' Dave says:

    Dunno about you, but I’d rather hang out with welders instead of philosophers any day of the week. I can’t think about groups of philosophers without thinking of “History of the World Part 1”.

  3. Rolf says:

    Hmmm…. Sprout 2 is 9. What’s the projection for a decade from now? 🙂
    A lot cheaper than a 4 year degree, and employable. Work for a few years, then maybe go part-time school/work, find a spousal unit, settle down starting debt-free.

  4. Well this bodes well for my son. He’s studying welding now at the local community college. He enjoys it and he’s good at it. It pays well enough that he can have a shot at a good life.

    His sister graduated from a well thought of private university with a degree in business. Thank God she has no student debt, because she, along with a lot of her classmates, is under-employed. She works the sales floor in a retail operation while she is going back to school for a masters that we all hope will help her get a job in her chosen field. There are too many laid-off mid-career professionals around here, and they’re taking any job they can find. Makes it tough to break into the market as an inexperienced college grad.

    His total education cost less than 1 year of her undergraduate work. The philosophers my go pound sand.

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