Well, that’s it then

The leftist have finally admitted that they hate the concept of Democracy.

Treasonous House Republicans Find Despicable New Ways To Define Chaos

A grave question must now be asked in the wake of a Republican meltdown in the House of Representatives that in the short term threatens the fiscal stability of the U.S. and world markets, as well as the ability of government to function, and in the longer term calls into question whether the Republican Party is still capable of governing, let alone whether its prospects for the 2016 presidential election have been further damaged: Have the Gang of 40 lurched from their patented brand of despicable politics into treason?

Why, yes they have.

The Gang of 40 is, of course, the cannibalistic Tea Party-inoculated congressfolk who, although they represent barely 3 percent of the population, have brought the Republican Party’s House caucus to its knees because of a fanaticism not seen in national politics since the run up to the Civil War. In this context, the question of whether these men (and lone woman) are traitors is not knee-jerk liberal nattering or a pushback in support of a threadbare status quo. The definition of a traitor is someone who betrays their country, and there can be no doubt that the fevered labors of the Gang of 40, who are the spawn of years of conspiring to destroy the established order, have been traitorous.

Unfortunately for Shaun Mullen and those who agree with him, what is happening in the House is a messy style of governance known as Democracy. It has been said by some that it is the worst style of governance, until you compare it to all the other styles.

Kevin D. Williamson lays out the argument here.

The spin about situation surrounding the Speaker position is being hyped as incurable chaos by a media that is wholly in league with the party not currently looking for a Speaker, and so the media has an objective: To make the Republican Party House members look as foolish as possible, while dropping shots of the Democrat Party members just chillin.

They’re succeeding. For now.

If the 40 members of the cuacus mentioned above get someone they like. Things could, and should, get very business-like, and interesting.

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  1. guy says:

    Against my better judgement I actually gave crooks and liars a clickthrough.
    Goddamn you.

    I’ve been inside a septic tank in hip waders(quite literally). I felt cleaner after exiting that.

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