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Because it has served so well

In getting Democrats elected. California May Copy Colorado, Oregon and Washington with All-Mail Election System California could become the fourth state to mail all registered voters a ballot ahead of Election Day if Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s wishes are … Continue reading

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Running Man

A fascinating article on autonomous robot competitions. Running Man is very cool.  I found its slow move out of the car and into the yellow box, including a Terminator-like pause to raise its head to critically examine its surrounding, mesmerizing. … Continue reading

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I for one welcome our new Transgender Ally

I have no doubt Caitlyn will prove to be vocal about the right to keep and bear arms in the upcoming reality show.

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It’s their fault

That she was able to pretend to be black. The general consensus of people on the left that it was easy for Rachel Dolezal to pose for years as a black woman was because Spokane is so whitebread Rachel Dolezal … Continue reading

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Amazing how

The leftosphere and the racists at the SPLC can be outraged at an officer attempting to stop a riot on Monday and then support an officer destroying private property on Thursday. A self-described “sovereign citizen” recently posted a video of … Continue reading

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I have a 1% error rate

Tuesday afternoon at around 1300 I was told that there were 15 columns (with 16-20 welds on each column) that needed to be complete by 1400 on Wednesday so that the contractor’s welding inspector could do his inspection before they … Continue reading

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It couldn’t have happened

To a more deserving bunch of folks Sea Shepard to pay damages to Japanese Whalers Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has agreed to pay damages to Japanese whalers for violating a US court injunction and continuing to disturb their research whaling … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t have been my first guess

For Montana to conduct a criminal prosecution for hate speech The prosecutor’s office in Flathead County, Montana (where Kalispell is located) is arguing that speech that exposes Jews — or other religious, racial, and other groups — “to hatred, contempt, … Continue reading

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Making PIIGS

Into PIIGSS For those in the know, the acronym in the title stands for: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain. These nations are in terrible monetary shape and are dragging Europe down with them thanks to the wonderful idea that … Continue reading

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D-Day and Opera

’twas the day after D-Day, and we celebrated our freedoms by attending an opera fundraiser at Mia Nipote winery, which is, in fact, run out of the owners’ house.    Outdoors opera is fun. Over the years I’ve noticed that … Continue reading

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