Thinking about this line of reasoning will give you a headache.

The website of a 501 (c)(4) group calling themselves the Council of Conservative Citizens was visited by the guy who shot up the AME church in Charleston, S.C.. So, of course, they influenced his hateful beliefs.

The leftosphere believes this, anyway.

Because they are a 501 (c)(4), they don’t pay taxes on their incoming contributions. Because of this, the leftosphere also believes that this means the CCC is funded by tax payers (because they don’t pay taxes, and all the money belongs to the government).

That’s right. The CCC is a 501(c)(4 )tax-exempt organization which claims to be organized for social welfare. As such, it pays no taxes as other for-profit organizations do, which means those taxes you pay help the CCC stay in the business of promoting white supremacy.

Which, of course, leads to the reasoning that the CCC haven’t had their (c)(4) status revoked is because of “the made up IRS hullabaloo.”

It must be so mentally exhausting to be a progressive. Coming up with these flaky theories causes their logic centers to shrink until they no longer work.

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2 Responses to Caution!

  1. guy says:

    “It must be so mentally exhausting to be a progressive.”

    Sorry, but that’s a load of crap.

    There’s nothing easier than being a progressive, all you have to do is cease to reason.

    If progressivism relied on reasoning there would be very few progressives. Progressivism relies on laziness – intellectual if no other.

    Even a dog can be trained to drool on command. Oddly enough it was a pre-soviet Russian who studied this.

  2. rusty muskets says:

    A 501 c 4 pays no taxes. Its financial support is from donations to it by individuals or other entities who choose to support it. Taxpayers do not support it. Only a completely ignorant moron who did not know sh– from shinola would say otherwise.

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