Amazing how

The leftosphere and the racists at the SPLC can be outraged at an officer attempting to stop a riot on Monday and then support an officer destroying private property on Thursday.

A self-described “sovereign citizen” recently posted a video of his May arrest in Addison, Texas, by a local police officer, ostensibly to display police misbehavior as the policeman breaks out his car’s window and handcuffs him.

What the video actually seems to demonstrate instead, however, is how delusional the sovereign citizen worldview really is, and how police are ultimately driven to harsh measures in order to simply enforce traffic laws in ordinary encounters with these “true believers.”

I’m sure that when some brainwashed member of the #BlackLivesMatter crowd disobeys a lawful command and gets cuffed less than gently this weekend, we’ll have 24 hour coverage of it for 72 hours.

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  1. James Nelson says:

    The sovereign citizens are generally delusional fanatics, but at least they aren’t burning down their neighborhoods and looting local businesses. They offer far less danger to the general public than the average gangbanger.

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