Getting back in the swing of things

Quite literally, I walked through the door having just gotten done driving home from Boomershoot on Monday within moments of the shooting in Garland, TX hitting the cable news networks.

When I heard what kind of event was going on there and saw the scene on the teevee, I immediately thought of something along these lines.


And I also knew the reaction from the leftists and the media (but I repeat myself).

Likewise, I knew that a small handful of muslim “leaders” would decry the deeds of their fellow zealots, AND that a larger number of muslim “leaders” would bitch and moan about having to publicly decry the deeds of their fellow zealots.

Lastly, I also knew that the leftosphere would go nuts talking about how just because a couple of right-wing whacko’s who happen to follow Islam shot at some people, the entire religion shouldn’t have to face the wrath for it.

Fair enough, I guess. Except that on more than one “progressive” site, this story was featured very near the posts stating that grouping similar people together in groups was a “bad thing”.

Long story short, someone shoots at a parked car for double parking, hitting a child inside. Leftosphere reaction: All firearms should be heavily regulated/banned bacuase someone with one did something bad.

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  1. Rolf says:

    But you see, that’s different. Guns are things, not people. Things can be bad 9including things like teeter-totters and playground swings, and must be banned because someone might get hurt with them), but you can’t group or stereotype people… unless of course, they are white right-wing knuckle-dragging Christian whack-jobs.

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