A Few Days in The Sandhills of Nebraska


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9 Responses to A Few Days in The Sandhills of Nebraska

  1. Rolf says:

    Very cool. Fresh bison meat!
    Looks like a nice tasty little one, too.

  2. Merle says:

    So what are the details on that Sharps?


  3. Dave RNS Photographer says:

    It’s a Shiloh Sharps in 45-70, out of Big Timber, MT, that I use in Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette matches.

  4. Petey says:

    Nice. I have never gone out for bison and I live in Nebraska. Where did you hunt?

  5. Dave RNS Photographer says:

    Near Stuart, NE

  6. Merle says:

    Thanks for the info! That looked like pretty small game in the top pic.


  7. Dave RNS Photographer says:

    That string of bison is a ways off from where we were approaching the herd. The lead cow decided she had grazed enough where they were and wanted to go somewhere else (and there is a hierarchy for both the males and females). The lead cow pretty much decides when it’s time to pick up and head somewhere else to graze. The dominant male can and will overrule her if he’s concerned enough about some danger sign agitating him. Most of the time it’s her hooves on the steering wheel.
    The bison I shot was actually a female yearling about 1 1/2 years of age. The price was less and I figured the meat would be just fine as I wasn’t gunning for a massive trophy head to put on my wall. I did, however keep the skin and head. The skin is being tanned by a taxidermist in South Dakota and my son has the head. He has let it sit out in the woods to let the critters remove the soft tissue parts. At some point I’ll get it back and may set it on a shelf somewhere as a reminder of the great time I had.

  8. Rolf says:

    What was the approximate live and/or dressed weight?

  9. Dave RNS Photographer says:

    Carcass weight (feet, hide and head removed) was around 310 lb. as I recall. That is what the processor (located in Valentine, NE) bases their price on.

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