Diamond in the Rough

Every day we are bombarded with negative news and stuff that annoys us and gets the ole pressure up toward the redline.

We watch videos with horrified indignation as shithead islamists burn prisoners, behead innocents, blow up kids and commit other atrocities.

We just shake our heads and wonder wtf they are thinking as we read about asshole open carry creeps who do more for the other side in a week than Moms Against/For could do in a year.

We nod with indignant agreement reading blogs and rants of the big bad Gummint and its bureaucratic tentacles reaching into more of our lives than it has a right to. (actually I do believe this one, but read on)

We endure our spoiled teenagers whining about their hardships (what, your cell phone broke?)

The egg McMuffin flippers and WalMart cashiers deserve a living wage, we’re told by the enlightened progressives as they fan the flames of envy economics.

There’s been no lack of media attention about Detroit and the troubles it’s experienced in the last 50 (100?) years as politicians, labor unions (redundant) and other forces swirled around to cripple the city and region until, as the butt of derision and the poster child of industrial decay and crime, it is but a stereotype to those elsewhere around the nation.

Well, here’s a story about one simple man in Detroit whose attitude about working provides hope that in spite of all the nasty and just plain stupid shit the media and life throw at us, there are some incredible people who roam amongst us every day, not asking for attention or glory, but just carrying on and gettin’ it done.

So, next time your teenager starts whining about how their life sucks and goes into hyper-drama mode, show him/her this story and then tell them to shut up and get over it.

Note:  this story is already or will be nationally covered now because another good person, a 19-year old Wayne State University student who read about the man and wanted to do something good for him, started a GoFundMe crowd funding campaign that has raised a bunch of $$$$ for the subject of the story.

Detroit’s not dead, just wounded.

Besides, what other major city police chief believes it’s okay to be legally armed and shoot the bad guys when they break in?

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  1. Ragin' Dave says:

    Milwaukee? No, wait, that’s the County Sheriff.

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