Testing. Testing.

Today is Day 1 of my GTAW 3G (TIG Heavy Plate Vertical) Certification Test. I should be able to remember to get pics of the proceedings for tomorrow.

I won’t know the results until mid-day Monday though, because the plate has to cool to room temperature and then get destroyed in the test. Which is fine by me because I’ll need the “going to town” attitude since that will be my test for GTAW 4G (TIG Heavy Plate Overhead).

I’ve been practicing for over a week and shouldn’t need a whole lot of luck, but any well wishes are appreciated.

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4 Responses to Testing. Testing.

  1. bobb topp says:

    I found overhead welding was easier than vertical.
    Like anything else,,practice,practice,practice.
    BTW,I sent you a pic of an amazing welded sculpture by email a couple of days ago.

  2. Mom says:

    You’ll getter done ……….. with flying colors. Ma’s Proud Always !

  3. CAshane says:

    Judging how good all the other stuff you have posted has looked, you’re gonna knock this out of the park.

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