Popcorn Time

I’ll be watching the leftist apologists for radical Islam trying to reason out how to be angry at America AND at ISIS now that the Islamic State has decided that slavery is something they’re totally down with.

Nothing so far from the usual suspects, but they’ll get confronted with it sooner than later.

I’ll also be on the lookout for someone to ask an actual Muslim to denounce the practice.

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3 Responses to Popcorn Time

  1. Ragin' Dave says:

    Muslims have ALWAYS been down with slavery. This is nothing new, it’s just the latest occurrence of an old habit. And the Left has always ignored that fact so that they could support the anti-American muslims out there. They care more about attacking this country than they do about the values they claim to support.

  2. Kristophr says:

    Slavery is endorsed by Mohammed as one of the proper ways to deal with a captive who will not revert to Islam.

    It’s in the Koran, the suras, and the hadiths. If a moslem says he thinks slavery is wrong, he is dissembling ( which is allowed in Islam when dealing with non-islamics ).

  3. formerly dfwmtx says:

    I think the latest meme on the Left is “why are we fighting ISIS in the Middle East when we should be fighting the drug cartels in Mexico? THe drug cartels are much more violent, and much closer than ISIS.”
    Alas, I have no account on the board I saw that on, so I didn’t ask when the US.mil would be invading Mexico on their timetable.

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