It’s about time

/taps foot, looks at watch/

The HuffPo finally noticed that there might be a problem with the Student Loan market in that it’ll soon look like the home mortgage market did in 2009.

This sudden realization has not stopped them from proposing a solution:

A national $15 an hour minimum wage!

You see, it is not that college costs too much. It is that wages are too low for 12th Century Feminist Literature majors working as baristas to be able to pay them back!



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1 Response to It’s about time

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Have you seen any economic models past the first level which show the total effect of a 100% rise in the Federal minimum wage?

    I’m no Econ genius, I struggled to get a “C” in the subject, but I’m more than a little suspicious of why there is no such analysis from the supporters of this idiotatian idea.

    Could it be that such an analysis would show general economic collapse as the result?

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