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The Good News and the Bad News

I’m sure you all remember Daniel S from the blog Among the Leaves who kindly bought one of my tables back in July. Everything went well with the money transfer and getting it dropped off to be shipped with the … Continue reading

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It’s about time

/taps foot, looks at watch/ The HuffPo finally noticed that there might be a problem with the Student Loan market in that it’ll soon look like the home mortgage market did in 2009. This sudden realization has not stopped them … Continue reading

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The internet, it is wonderful

From this To this And now this In 72 hours.

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The End of the Shakedown

Stopping their bad behavior before they get their pee-pee whacked. A powerful Washington State union has abandoned defending a forced dues scheme and shifted its tactics to appealing to home health workers to remain in the union. A state policy … Continue reading

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