As is usual

Yet another table spouted from my welder this weekend.


(The usual “click to embiggen” nonsense here)

This table is all about wrenches. I found a bunch as an estate sale and scooped them all up and put a half-dozen or so of them in here. Anybody remember Montgomery Ward? There’s a wrench from one of their tool sets in there. There is also a threading die, a couple pieces of the ring around a flywheel and a well dressed tow hook. Usual planetary gear and transfer case chain surround.

The leg is a cam from a GM V6, along with 5 different gears from New Process transfer cases. The foot is a GM Vortec 5.7L V8 flexplate. All with two coats of clear for that “wet-look”. This one is available for purchase until further notice for the low-low price of $400 +shipping.

In other news, I got tired of running the Jeep’s battery down attempting to have music in the work area, so I pimped my welding table (the Jeep doesn’t have a battery problem, it has 700Watts worth of sound amplification).


A $20 garage sale shelf-top stereo plus some shelving made from scrap steel. There is also now a power strip mounted to the other side of the table that can be used for easy access to juice for it, or an angle grinder, or a dremel, or whatever else I may need that runs on 110V.

Lastly, I am tempted to say some very cruel and unusual things about a certain brown shipping company. However, I will wait to see if they hold to their promise and report on the topic later.

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2 Responses to As is usual

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    Nice work! I ran into a cam with a gear on it laying across the freeway once that caused me to flat AND required a new rim on the F-150 it was so bent… That stuff is serious metal.

  2. Davidwhitewolf says:

    If this table ain’t sold yet I’ll take it.

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