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Boomershoot Buggy or All My Friends Have Diesels . . . Maybe I Should Too

I’d love to take this through downtown Ann Arbor and watch the all the Prius’s (Pria?) and Subies run for their lives. (this sentiment was shamelessly shanghai’d from a comment in the linked article and relocated geographically to Michigan) I … Continue reading

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As is usual

Yet another table spouted from my welder this weekend. (The usual “click to embiggen” nonsense here) This table is all about wrenches. I found a bunch as an estate sale and scooped them all up and put a half-dozen or … Continue reading

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I have nothing against this form of punishment, provided it is carried out with due process as according to the American legal system. Obviously, this wasn’t. Philadelphia mosque leaders try to cut off man’s hand Two men described as leaders … Continue reading

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