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Showing you care can take so little

Yet the Obama Administration can’t even come up with the effort. Report: Polish Minister Says Country’s American Alliance is Worthless Relations with Poland meant little during the Bush years. They mean absolutely nothing today. Kerry (and previously, Clinton) and their … Continue reading

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Making themselves useful

The ACLU does something right for firearms owners CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO — Police Officer Jerry Bledsoe sent a written apology to Second Amendment advocate Jordan Klaffer, and agreed to pay damages,  court costs and attorneys’ fees. The Village of Kelso, … Continue reading

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When the facts are not on your side

Pay for your own facts. The state spent almost half a million dollars on a flawed study of Gov. Pat Quinn’s now-defunct anti-violence program — the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative — after officials rejected a more rigorous evaluation that would have … Continue reading

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