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2 Live Crew / Sherlock Crossover

Well, not quite, but it warmed the cockles of my heart to see Campbell v. Acuff-RoseĀ (the 2 Live Crew v. Roy Orbison parody case) cited in this very entertaining and delightfully-written Sherlock Holmes decision. Worth a read while you puff … Continue reading

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The Panic in Their Eyes

Is like the sweetest nectar to me. Twice this week, I have caught an MSNBC host making a face like their diaper just filled up as their guest let it slip that the main driver of Central American youths to … Continue reading

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2003 4evar

The left and the media (but I repeat myself) are in full-on “Blame Bush” mode in regards to the current befucklement in Iraq. The abrupt pull out without a status of forces agreement by Obama was, of course, the right … Continue reading

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Another useless study

This one by the Pew Research Center Political Polarization in the American Public It boils down to more leftists wanting to live near leftists and more folks on the right want to live near folks on the right. No shit, … Continue reading

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