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They don’t want to be in the red

Providence, RI is suing the mortgage company Banco Santander SA. They say Santander is red-lining. Banco Santander SA’s U.S. unit was sued by the city of Providence, Rhode Island, over claims it stopped issuing mortgages in minority neighborhoods after the … Continue reading

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At it again

Forty-eighth verse, same as the first. DiFi has introduced yet another firearms confiscation bill. I caught her on the MSNBC morning shows pimping it and probably another half-dozen various bills she has introduced that will all, hopefully, never see daylight … Continue reading

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I knew they were racists

But I didn’t know they actually wanted to kill black folks. Study Suggests It’s More Dangerous For Black Pedestrians To Cross The Street Now, the study takes place in Portland, OR. Arguably one of the most “progressive” cities in America. … Continue reading

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