When Idiots Attack

Scott and I and some other co-workers (former co-workers to me) attempted to go shooting today, gravel pit style, but were stopped by people so stupid it is amazing that they were able to tie their shoes and figure out a door knob so they could leave the house.

The pit is approximately 110 yards long from the point where the jersey barriers were and where we had to park our trucks. The barrier area was approximately 50 feet wide and the pit is sort of a diamond shape fanning out from there.

We arrived first and set up our bench for some zeroing about 10 yards into the pit so that we could zero at 100. Everything was going fine for about 90 minutes, which is when a Jeep YJ and a 4Runner rolled up and two guys pile out of each vehicle. They asked for a target break. We obliged.

They walk back from setting out their targets and signal that we can start firing again, so we did. A few rounds in, we start hearing shots coming from our left. And from behind us. We turn to look and these guys are back at the jersey barriers, firing, and using the barriers as rests.

We stop shooting, and yell over for them to please come forward to what was clearly established by us as “The Firing Line”. They respond that they have no bench and that they want to keep shooting from where they were currently at. We respond with our being uncomfortable with that. They respond with a general “Don’t worry about us. We’re safe.”

Scott and I and our friends all look at each other and visually agree that trusting them to be safe is a dumb idea and pull back to the barriers, leaving the bulky items such as the bench 10 yards out. We try doing some limited firing at the close in targets from there but find it less than ideal. The idiots call for a target break and we call it a day and pack up.

These four idiots were all over 50 and should know better.

As we were rolling out of the pit I regretted not getting any photos of Scott and I to post here. Now I’m regretting not having taken pictures of the idiots and their vehicles to post here.

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4 Responses to When Idiots Attack

  1. Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    That is the danger of shooting at pits. At any minute some idiot can roll up and end your fun early because there is no range master to call him an idiot & kick him out.

    Next time you go there, before you start shooting, apply a liberal coat of sap, or Gorilla glue, to the tops of the Jersey barriers

  2. Hil Bill says:

    The proper response to them whining “We don’t have a bench or anything.” is to tell them “Then stand on your hind legs and shoot like a man.”

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  4. Merle says:

    There is no maximum age for being an idiot!


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