I have long found myself needing some kind of slight noise to fall asleep, and as of late it has been the Science Channel’s show How It’s Made.

The other night they were covering the building of this neat little number



Which, as you can see, is a convertible teardrop trailer.

It is called the Alto Safari Condo and you can see it here.

The nice part about these is that they have a dry weight of approximately 1700lbs and have a super-low drag coefficient. Which means they can be towed by a midsize sedan/wagon/Jeep and can sleep four (if they’re good friends).

And we can finally get them in the U.S..

The downside is that the super-light build materials and build location (Quebec) means it is a pricey piece of kit.

Still, being able to Jeep in and sleep off the ground might be worth a price close to the sale price.

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  1. CAshane says:

    I stumbled upon this today, thought you might dig it: http://purplesagetradingpost.com/sumner/teardrop/teardrophomepage.html

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