The Dilliyo

My new schedule for school now involves multiple days of “Fab Shop”.

This does not mean a special time where we go get our hair and nails done. Instead, I am staying at school until around 2130 learning how to use the tools of your average (or above average) metal fabrication shop, as well as how to draw up and interpret blueprints and generally make cool shit out of various materials, focusing on metals.

This is only the second week, so we’re just completing our first project for the school and learned how to use floor mounted tools to bend, fold and twist steel into various shapes.

However, because I start class at 0800 and have only a two hour break between the normal end the school day and the start of Fab Shop, and then getting to unass to area well after dark, I am left with little energy and even less time for blogging.

But I do not want to work in a ship yard or on a construction site. I want to work in manufacturing. Preferably in a small to medium machine shop. So this is quite important to me right now. I will do my best to be better at future posting on Sunday and Wednesday nights starting next week. But this is probably all from me until Friday night.

As a consolation prize, I give you these.

Joe should grab this one


And i need a shirt of this one


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