All the rage

Yay! A new super bullet! /sarcasm off

About the only thing the new RIP round is good for, in my book, is the PSH coming from the hoplophobes on the left.

But according to Americans Against the Tea Party’s Richard Rowe, himself a weapons enthuisiast, the new bullet bears an unmistakeable resemblance to a tool of war banned by the Hague Convention (Hague IV 1907, Article 23E): Flechette rounds.

In a 1964 St. Petersburg Times article about the use of flechettes in Vietnam, a U.S. Army officer says of the medical task of treating flechette victims:

“Don’t kid yourself. It is not a job for a surgeon but for graves registration.”

Well, Richard. That is kind of the intention when I you are forced to shoot someone. Personally though, I won’t be doing any of that with this projectile. I already pay almost $2.00 per round for my Golden Sabers. This piece of ouch will probably be double that.

But all that aside, these types didn’t bat an eye during the last “cop-killer bullet” scare when it came to light that the LEO’s were gobbling up the supplies of the super-scary booolits as fast as they could.

Who here believes that this story would have made the rounds in the leftosphere if  “G2 Research” had come out with this “shotgun, but nastier” ammo and said they would only sell it to law enforcement and other government agencies?

Those of you with your hands up need to go stand in the corner and think about what you just admitted to.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    I get a huge ho-hum, not a stiffy, when I see this bullet. It’s just another type of frangible, or disintegrating round, same concept as the Glaser, which I’ve never carried in the 40 years I’ve carried.

    Your pet chump doesn’t know shit from shinola. First of all, flechettes were never used in anything smaller than a 40mm grenade round, and second, the “Geneva Convention” only applies to declared wars between signatory powers (nations). It does not apply to civilians, LEOs, guerilla forces, etc., so it doen’t make any difference what any international or supra-national body thinks about ammo.

    BTW, we had no idea whether or not the Geneva Convention applied to nuke weapons when we bombed Japan into submission with them in WW2.

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