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Smart Business Move

Too bad it is a county in the State of Oregon deferring costs on all of America. Obamacare will change the way Multnomah County pays for jail inmates’ medical treatment Backers have promoted the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion … Continue reading

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New Acronym — CITBN

I did not attend this presentation; I found it while researching other items it discusses. Thus, I cannot verify whether or not the mention of “Chip-in-the-back-of-the-neck” (page 7)  as one of several “emerging payment technologies” was a joke.  

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What a deal!

Alternate title: How to get $1.50 worth of stuff at the Dollar Store If you calculate the cost of defensive hollow points these days, you’ll get the title. An armed man entered a Orrville, Ala., Dollar General on Thursday, waved … Continue reading

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More Tunage

For those who weren’t exactly pleased with my musical selections last week (yes, I got emails), here is a substitution. In 1972, Joe Walsh was done with the James Gang but not ready for a full-on solo album, so he … Continue reading

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