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And just like that

Your freedom was diminished. Any quick perusal of MSM sites during the last couple of weeks of December 2013 would have you find multiple stories on how “lazy”, “do nothing”, and “unproductive” the US Congress was during 2013. They sent … Continue reading

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IntraLasik FTW

I had the all-laser eye surgery two days after New Year’s, and went from this (which is like 20/700 in the worst eye) – to 20/20 the next day, and now 20/15 one week out. I had no idea women … Continue reading

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Yes, We Have

Having “gone Galt” myself, it is nice to see I am not alone. At the Centralia “Fun Show” yesterday, one of the more frequent sales pitches I overheard being used to counter someone saying they can find it slightly cheaper … Continue reading

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House in a Can

I like this idea for a retreat. Even better, the can-in-a-can model. Fill the gap with insulation and you’re fireproof, quake-proof (mostly) and comfy, without all the radon issues from going underground. Plus, it looks like a grain silo. Nobody … Continue reading

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