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Strategic Terrorism

Change is coming.  This is a very scary read, and provides all the justification Stewart Baker (spit, spit) requires to insist on NSA Uber Alles, but you really really need to read it. Lots will be familiar to any reader … Continue reading

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Cali / Six = Not so bad really

I’ve spoken to a few Californians (and former Californians) who lean in my political direction (some more so than others), and they say that this wouldn’t be such a bad thing at all. Another installment on the idea of breaking … Continue reading

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What a difference 40 years makes

Apparently, 1974 saw Time magazine labeling the “Polar Vortex” as being caused by “Global Cooling” Of course, they would prefer no one know this. Sorry. I thought I heard someone say “Spiderman thread”.

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