We should consider ourselves lucky

If we aren’t forced to pay for grief couselors for these people

Federal Employee Morale Hits Record Low

Budget cuts and forced furloughs have taken a toll on federal workers, with job satisfaction at a record low in a new government-wide survey.

“We are dismantling the capability of our government by the way it’s being managed, and the people in government are giving that message back. … It should be really worrisome to anyone who cares about our country,” said Max Stier, president and CEO of the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service, which produced a report on the survey.

The Office of Personnel Management surveys workers across the government annually about their satisfaction at work. This year, nearly 400,000 people participated from April through June, just as sequestration’s furloughs were hitting many workers.

Using the data compiled by OPM, PPS and the consulting firm Deloitte issued their annual “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” report Wednesday, finding “troubling” responses.

Federal workforce satisfaction has dropped for the third straight year, to the lowest level since the rankings were first published in 2003. Meanwhile, employee satisfaction in the private sector is up.

Seeing as how the District of Columbia Whaaabulance Service is now under the control of the HHS, I was told to call back tomorrow when I called for one.

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2 Responses to We should consider ourselves lucky

  1. MichigammeDave says:

    If whining were not frowned upon in the military (no, not bitching. Bitching is expected, whining is for pussies.), you’d probably hear a little attitude from the uniformed, retired, reserve and veteran communities about the latest slap in the face from Paul Ryan. But I don’t guess anyone in the MSM would care enough to write a story about it.

  2. Formerly dfwmtx says:

    Maybe if the guys at the top would spread their wealth to the rest of the employees, there’d be less grumbling.
    Let’s bring the class war from the private sector to the government sector, shall we?

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