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About that “Freedom to Travel” you had

With “Had” being the key word in that phrase ObamaCare Found To Restrict Where You Live And Travel The American Thinker’s Stella Paul has exposed the virtually unnoticed fact that within the ObamaCare exchanges so many Americans are being forced … Continue reading

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Why the handshake was newsworthy

Because the media couldn’t seem to get a clue as to why anyone would care about the President shaking hands with the dictator Raul Castro. Castro Issues Stern Warning To Entrepreneurs President Raul Castro issued a stern warning to entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Of course it’ll never happen

My cursory glance is telling me to like the idea. Tim Draper Wants To Split California Into Pieces And Turn Silicon Valley Into Its Own State But I will withhold my opinion on the overall idea until the RNS resident … Continue reading

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Latino Santa

In Tulare today, the heart of California’s Central Valley, the armpit of the state with something like 60 percent of the state’s welfare caseload, this was the smile on the face of my nephew-in-law’s daughter on the lap of the … Continue reading

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Pulling the Lever

And the trigger. Since it is Sunday, I made my way off to the Church of the Holy High Speed Projectile to test my first batch of reloads out of the reloading setup. I got results! Since I hadn’t been … Continue reading

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