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This could get ugly

Found on the internet. However, with most hospitals and care centers declining most of the exchanges, even if this is a fake, the real ones will be popping up soon. I’m thinking it may look something like this My own … Continue reading

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How much do they love government?

Enough to accuse one of their own lapdogs of taking money from the NRA when they write about the latest ATF entrapments. How much is the NRA paying you for all the anti ATF articles you’ve been running? The Nefilim … Continue reading

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I asked

This question Lastly, I’d like for you all to remember that those 400,000 people signed up for the program in only the first seven weeks of Obamacare. How many more will be added on before the end of the year? … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors

A “New Normal,” yes, but a “Recovery,” my ass. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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