Well, that was mighty nice of them

I wish they had this where I live.

A gun shop in Woodbridge, Virginia, is handing out 30-round AR-15 magazines to people who vote in today’s election.

The shop, Quantico Tactical, sent out an email to their newsletter subscribers with the subject line, “Free Election Day PMAGS at Our Woodbridge, VA Store.” According to the email Virginia voters simply need to stop by the store, “show your Virginia voter ID or active duty military ID,” and they’ll receive “a FREE 30 round PMAG.” “No strings attached” and “no purchase required,” the email claims.

Think Progress was livid in their own adorable way, but they finally had to admit that because the store didn’t require you to show that you had voted, it wasn’t considered “electioneering”.

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One Response to Well, that was mighty nice of them

  1. Scott says:

    We have Quantico Tactical in Lakewood, but I am not sure if our locale was giving away any mags.

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