The Eight-Zero Rule

Obviously to satisfy its critics the government must implement the same level of security for our private information as for the nuclear launch codes! Oh wait.

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2 Responses to The Eight-Zero Rule

  1. Rivrdog says:

    I was in the B-52 nuke strike force in thos days, and we still used the sealed card system, too long to explain here. I know a retired Missile Launch officer from those days, and will ask him, but I suspect this is a tall tale out of the anti-nuke crowd’s playbook.

  2. eriko says:

    My understanding is that initially there was not a launch code as the officers were trusted to only launch when they got authenticated orders. Then someone got a bug up their butt and demanded that the Air Force add a lock out that required a code from above to launch. All the launch codes were in sealed envelopes so that no one could leak or see them. Since no one ever was going to see them they were all set to 00000000 as it was met the requirements while not changing anything.

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