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TL;DR – The Post

Here is Obama and Kerry’s deal with Iran in a nutshell And by “nutshell” I mean that you’re a nut who needs to be walled up if you think this is a good deal for anyone but Iran and it’s … Continue reading

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Look at the dancing pig!

Tis a pity he only knows one dance. Paul Krugman’s latest column on “increasing Social Security benefits to save Social Security” can be summed up in one graphic But I kid. All of Krugman’s columns can be summed up by … Continue reading

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The Jimmy Carter of Colorado?

First, he brought them monstrous gun control. He lost his majority in the state Senate. Now, he screwed them with Obamacare Enrollment in the Affordable Care Act through Colorado’s health insurance exchange is barely half the state’s worst-case projection, prompting … Continue reading

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