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Can we call them co-conspirators now?

Slate has been compiling a tally of “gun deaths” which happened since the Newtown murders. As the one year anniversary gets closer, and in a blatant attempt to publicize their counting, they are now asking for help from their readership. … Continue reading

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Schooling Ain’t Learning

Heinlein’s dictum that school is for instruction but education takes place at home has always rung true for me. Perhaps along those lines, Arnold Kling says this is “possibly the best book I have read all year.” I am guessing … Continue reading

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Vicious Circle Cycle

Overbearing government leads to corruption: local power players lower or don’t enforce public drinking water standards to attract business and property developers. People stop drinking tap water, and the bottled-water market booms. So the government raises taxes on bottled water … Continue reading

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Inequality Revisited

This is an intriguing analysis: what happened around 1973? Here’s the relevant basic math effect I can all-too-easily imagine many sociologists don’t get. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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