RNS Quote of the Day: 10/08/13

I hate to have to tell them I told them so, but we did.

Of course, I want people to have health care, I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.

Cindy Vinson – Bay Area resident and two-time Obama voter upon finding out ho wmuch her health care costs are going to go up.

Later, she added: I really don’t like the Republican tactics, but at least now I can understand why they are so pissed about this. When you take $10,000 out of my family’s pocket each year, that’s otherwise disposable income or retirement savings that will not be going into our local economy.”

Welcome to the Libertarian Party, Cindy.

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6 Responses to RNS Quote of the Day: 10/08/13

  1. — Welcome to the Libertarian Party, Cindy. —

    Probably not, though it would be a change for the better. People are sensitive to “pocketbook issues,” but in these latter years of the Republic it’s a rather narrowly focused sensitivity. We are being taught Seldon’s Lesson to the Empire:

    “The fall of Trantor,” said Seldon, “cannot be stopped by any conceivable effort. It can be hastened easily, however. The tale of my interrupted trial will spread through the Galaxy. Frustration of my plans to lighten the disaster will convince people that the future holds no promise to them. Already they recall the lives of their grandfathers with envy. They will see that political revolutions and trade stagnations will increase. The feeling will pervade the Galaxy that only what a man can grasp for himself at that moment will be of any account. Ambitious men will not wait and unscrupulous men will not hang back. By their every action they will hasten the decay of the worlds. Have me killed and Trantor will fall not within three centuries but within fifty years and you, yourself, within a single year.” [Isaac Asimov, Foundation]

    Miss Vinson is far more likely to demand and agitate for improved treatment for herself than fairness for all.

    Welcome to the “hooray for me, the hell with you” era.

  2. Phil says:

    I understand that, Francis. I don’t seriously believe that petty little Cindy is going to run out and vote for Ron Paul.

    Mostly because she doesn’t (or likely ever will) understand that the state will use its monopoly of power to make sure to make sure she pays for what it wants.

  3. Toastrider says:

    I think the best we can hope for is that she (and others like her) get so butthurt at ‘broken promises’ that they stay home and refuse to vote Democrat.

  4. MichigammeDave says:

    Puts me in mind of one of those gag commercials Rush runs, this one from a few years back. There was a discount sales outlet whose hook was “How do we keep our prices so low? We screw the other guy, and pass the savings on to you!”

  5. Merle says:

    Pretty sad that the best hope is that people like her will “stay home”, isn’t it?


  6. Jeff says:

    These mal-educated bimbos: And just where did you think the money was going to come from to pay for all this “health care”? Hey Cindy, would you do us all a huge favor and go kill yourself. This is very politically incorrect but I have to say it: given the current status of the things, given that many of the liberals congresscritters and their policies are in office due to women voting (have a heart, do it for the children, if it saves just one life…ect) could it be that granting women the right to vote was a mistake? Look Carter, Clinton and now antichrist Obama were elected because of women voting. Most women are too damn stupid to realize that robbing Paul to pay for Peter does not and never will work.
    And before anyone wastes their time calling me names: piss off I dont give a damn what names you call me. You can NOT hurt my feeling or make me back off.

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