Sane People Understand and Know This Already


Instead, we get anti-civil rights group’s spokespeople and their helpers in the media attempting to change the dominant phrase from “gun control” to “gun safety”. Of course, neither of these phrases means what they say, as anyone with a mind towards individual liberty will understand that when used by someone in power, they both mean people control.

Which leads me to my next pic


While neither statement is true, the analogy is as accurate. For some reason statists and others even more politically vile believe that teaching a child (or an adult for that matter) basic firearms safety skills will turn them into a ticking time bomb rampaging murderer. However, they have few or no qualms about forcing parents to consent to letting the government put their eight year old through “sexual education” classes.

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2 Responses to Sane People Understand and Know This Already

  1. formerly dfwmtx says:

    Ignorance [of gun knowledge] is strength [for their cause].

  2. Merle says:

    Yep – and flies cause garbage!

    Not my original thought, but I feel it applies here.


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