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If you don’t think this is a CYA report

You may be a statist. And an idiot. But I repeat myself. Experts Surer Than Ever of Manmade Warming Climate scientists are surer than ever that human activity is causing global warming, according to leaked drafts of a major UN … Continue reading

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On Saturday, Chris & I packed up some of the rifles (a Garand, a Mosin, & a Glenfield lever action) and headed East down I-90 to go shoot in the wilderness a bit. ¬†We stopped at the ranger station in … Continue reading

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Mayhaps he should partake of them himself

Once again, our President shows everyone how he thinks that what he requires of others should not apply to him. From his CNN interview on Friday: CUOMO: … do you believe you know the way to get things done for … Continue reading

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Actually putting kids first

Instead of just saying they are. And a school, none the less! What is this world coming to? Private School in Bryant Arms Teachers and Staff BRYANT, AR – A private school in Bryant is in the national spotlight, commended … Continue reading

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Could it be….

Ron Swanson? Click to enlarge

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Sunday Funnies

Sigh Sad because it is true.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/23/13

Liberty means responsibility. Which is why most men dread it. George Bernard Shaw I dread it not one bit. In fact I welcome the chance to be ultimately responsible for myself.

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Gunnie Problems

When you’re cleaning out the garage and find 1200 rounds of 7.62×51 that you forgot you had and can’t stop laughing as you’re pulling it out of the stash spot in 200 round increments. My Zombie Apocalypse is going to … Continue reading

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Are your rights being violated

The Wife listens to NPR in the mornings while getting ready for work. A couple mornings ago I was listening in while she was getting ready and heard something very wrong. I will need your help with this because I’m … Continue reading

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Speaking Truth to (Those Wanton Of) Power

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