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I am missing the “hate” part of this

Someone in Portland, OR is going door-to-door and posting flyers. The police are calling these flyers “hate speech”, but I am having difficulty seeing the connection and am of a mind to believe that they simply do not like the … Continue reading

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It really sounds like it is time to move

It probably shouldn’t be too hard to find somewhere in Memphis, TN more “accomodating” to an individual’s 2nd Amendment right. Shop Owner Facing Eviction After Using Gun to Defend His Cookie Shop I can’t think of a more idiotic thing … Continue reading

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The Natural Progression of Progressivism

They already have it so that people who can’t read get to vote, so why not let non-English speakers serve on juries? The New Mexico Supreme Court is cautioning trial courts and lawyers that citizens who don’t speak English have … Continue reading

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