Turn of Phrase

You have graduated successfully from the “How Many Dead Hookers Can I Have in my Trunk if my Taillights Work and Tags Are Current” school of law. –Bill Weise

Should California enact one or more of the parade of horribles, then as we wait for the inevitable Constitutional court challenges to take their course, we California gun owners will join our New York brethren as fellow graduates of the above school.

It’s not fun living in a police state, but I suppose the sense of danger merely in pulling out of your driveway every day and trying to avoid being stopped by a cop can be invigorating.

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4 Responses to Turn of Phrase

  1. Brigid says:

    Between taxes and laws restricting the law abiding, there will be little that once glorious state. Every time I see the illegals protesting that we stole their land, I just think that if they had it, it would all look like Tijuana anyway, just with coastline.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    You’ll get tired of that “thrill” of dodging the cops, believe me. If you don’t believe me, ask any resident of pre-1989 Berlin.

  3. Rivrdog says:

    The solution for those living in the backward, rights-denying States is ex-migration. Groups need to form in Kali, IL, NY, etc to encourage business and workers to relocate to states where their Civil Rights are taken more seriously. When enough ex-migration has taken place, and there are few taxpaying citizens left to tax, the offending States will fail. Not a shot need be fired nor a lawsuit filed. For now, the Federal Government will throw these States lifelines, but that will, inevitably, change, and when the cash stops coming, the States fail.

  4. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Brigid, have you visited the Central Valley in recent years? Proves your point, I think.

    RD, we’re already in pre-’89 Berlin; it’s just that currently in Cali when you’re stopped by a cop with a gun in your possession, there’s a very good chance you’ll have to explain the current state of the law to him or her, and why you’re not in violation of it. And you may be arrested or have your guns confiscated anyway, or both.

    If some of these laws pass, nobody will be in compliance, and that’s another thing entirely.

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