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Hangfire: Revolver Safety

Be safe out there, folks. I copied and pasted below Bill Wiese’s entire post from this thread: bwiese I need a LIFE!! Join Date: Oct 2005 Location: San Jose Posts: 25,484 iTrader: 2 / 100% SAFETY: please think about … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day

Better late than never…Just returned from a weekend camping trip to the Seep Lakes near Potholes (south of Moses Lake, WA). Great bass fishing at Long Lake for anyone interested. I wanted to post an appreciation for all those veterans … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Server

The code monkey finally succumbed to the stresses of constantly rubber-stamping bits from one place to another.  But he died after he completed his task. All should be back to normal and everyone can go back to super happy fun time!

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Tantrum Time

The eco-socialists aren’t getting the respect they believe they deserve from the Obama Administration, or the laws they believe need to be passed so as to avoid the entire world exploding passed thourgh Congress. So now comes the civil disobedience … Continue reading

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No Surprise Here

Even the Congressional Budget Office folks that put out the BS “Obamacare will cut the deficit” papers don’t believe the Executive Office’s current budget plan. President Obama vastly exaggerated the spending cuts and deficit reduction his budget plan would produce, … Continue reading

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Intellectually Crosseyed: Part 1

You may have heard, we had a bridge collapse up this way. It was/is an old bridge in need of updating. But several factors have kept the update on the backburner. Most notably, I would like to point out, the … Continue reading

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Intellectually Crosseyed: Part 2

A pair of “Islamic extremists” hit a British soldier with their car near his  barracks and then proceed to hack him to death with meat cleavers. What does the leftwing of the blogosphere have to say about it? “Countdown to … Continue reading

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A potential Unified Theory?

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RNS Quote of the Day: 5/23/13

The problem for the IRS, and for those who support its current level of intrusion in American lives (and its expanded one under Obamacare), is that this scandal is coming at a time when American distrust for government institutions is … Continue reading

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iPad Camera Rig

Oh, this, I like.

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