Happy Memorial Day

Better late than never…Just returned from a weekend camping trip to the Seep Lakes near Potholes (south of Moses Lake, WA). Great bass fishing at Long Lake for anyone interested.

I wanted to post an appreciation for all those veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice to secure our freedoms. I also was thinking a lot this weekend about the families of those who have lost their loved ones in service. My heart and thank-you goes out to them. You raised and knew true patriots.

Earlier today, I heard a replay of the Lars Larson Radio Show from a few months ago, one that I had heard live originally. Lars was interviewing the father of Tyrone Woods, a former Navy Seal who, in a civilian role for the State Department, died in the Benghazi attacks. The account of Tyrone’s (as well as Glen Doherty’s ) actions that day are incredible.

It made me think: of course our real heroes are those like Tyrone Woods, not guys like Tiger Woods. So why can’t their stories be more prevalent? Why are they not more celebrated? Those on both sides politically claim to fully support the troops, even when not supporting the causes that the troops are called to undertake. So why aren’t these heroes honored in more ways than just today, on Memorial Day?

I believe that the honest answer is that people are afraid to feel. I believe that most people honestly do see these men and women as heroes, but do not want to be reminded throughout their daily lives of the price of freedom.

I may be strange, but I try to constantly keep these ideas on the brain. Though I never served myself (and often regret it), I was born at Madigan Army Hospital and have many generations of my family who are/were veterans. Maybe it is this fact and the fact that I live in close vicinity to several large military installations that leads me to these thoughts.

I am certainly not trying to say that I am better than others for this. I would never think that way. It is just that, as Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” And we must always remember that, and remember those who paid its price for us.

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  1. Bill says:

    Our society is deeply infatuated with celebrity. Celebrities aren’t heroes, at least they aren’t generally.

    Heroes are men like Tyrone Woods, Chris Kyle, Glen Doherty, and all the men and women serving in our Armed Forces.

    There are some celebrities who have served, and as such, are heroes too. Men like Jimmy Stewart, Eddie Albert, James Arness, Audie Murphy and others.

    But as a rule, we shun the heroes, or we forget them, and we adore the celebrities, who are famous for being famous.

    Sad, the world we live in.

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