They Have Chosen

To be sheep.

I have been watching the leftosphere’s reaction to the “martialization” of Boston and its surrounding burbs. As you would suspect it is not at all surprising.

The lack of concern for their own civil rights, just so that they can “feel” safe, and “feel” civilized, and “feel” protected should frightening to any thinking person. That they cannot even come up with an objection to what happened is proof enough that they care more about “feelings” than about reality.

While this fellow is not one of the widely read leftosphere blogs, his post encapsulates damn near everything I have read from last week and over the weekend.

Hey, Second Amendment lunatics.  Think about this:

The entire city of Boston was under martial law the last few days.  You get that, right?  MARTIAL LAW.

In a cameras-everywhere society, we went from tragedy to identification to capture in less than five days.  And to make that happen, the full-force of the government came in, shut down a major metropolitan area, instituted a no-fly zone, flooded the place with troops and technology and locked it down until it completed it’s mission..

Think about that, screaming gun lunatic with more weapons than friends, the next time you think your 100 clip magazine and fourteen guns can protect you from a determined military.  Your “Red Dawn” fantasy is laughable.


You, on the other hand, got a big lesson on just how sad and defenseless you would be if Obama – or ANY President – truly was the dictator you fear.

You wouldn’t last two days.

Enjoy your weekend, oh impotent paper tigers.

– Steve Marme

I have edited out some of his more fallacious accusations to comply with fair use, but the whole piece is available at the link.

Some folks just don’t understand that if you give the government the power to abuse you, they won’t be able to resist actually doing it (and telling you it is for your own good). Some folks will actually applaud said abuses, because they voted for the abuser.

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6 Responses to They Have Chosen

  1. Phssthpok says:

    I didn’t read the whole thing, but in your excerpt I see a decided LACK of any mention of the ‘screaming lunatics with more weapons than friends’ actually, you know..ENGAGING said military/police presence.

    Oh…that’s right… they COULDN’T because they were in MASSACHUSETTS where ‘assault weapons’ (and others) are prohibited.

    Your argument is invalid.

  2. emdfl says:

    Why is it that most lib/prog blogs don’t have comments enabled? Because ignorance is just another lifestyle in their world

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  4. Rivrdog says:

    Okay then, let’s have a look at the whole thing, shall we?

    Their plan: a shrapnel-bomb attack on the City’s major symbol, the Boston Marathon.

    The plan’s effectiveness: it worked as a momentary attack.

    The City’s plan to stop such attacks: ineffective whatever it was (cameras?)

    Beyond the attack is where the young attackers went wrong.

    They had no egress plan to un-ass the City. Apparently, they had no real plan to lay low, either. Their plan did not take into account the post-attack examination of video, or else they would have at least disguised themselves while laying their bombs. The car-jacking escape attempt was a pure act of desperation in a shut-down City with 48 hours to beef up it’s patrol tactics.

    When cornered, they proved to be ineffective fighters. They were taken out by sorta-competent cops (note the number of rounds fired: the cops used a lot of “spray and pray”). The cops had poor tactics themselves, else the young bomber would not have gotten away, wounded as he was. I put this down to the “go home to Mama when the shift is over” mantra that all Training Units in all police Departments use. The cops never pressed their battle advantage when they had it.

    Strategically, the lads were horrible lacking. If they were real Jihadis, they should have either had a network (no sign of that yet), or an E&E plan (no evidence of one).

    Their tactics just do not lend themselves to evaluation against the action in a true revolution, because they weren’t either starting one or participating in one. As horrible as the carnage was, it could not have been much greater, given their lack of strategic and tactical planning lack of training and use of low-density explosive.

    In the scenario Mr. Marme supposes that we gunnies might be involved in, there is no comparison. If THAT balloon goes up, it will be Revolutionary War Two, or maybe Civil War Two. There will be enough people involved to bring more success. The movement involved will be national in scope, and the police will probably not be a factor due to the division of their forces. For that matter, little of the military will be a factor, either, for the same reason. Commanders will soon realize that their orders to mow down fellow citizens will not be followed well if at all.

    The strategy of a RR2 or CW2 will likely involve isolating the big urban areas, and starving them out. Small unit asymetrical warfare is far better suited to counter-logistics efforts than to defeating large police forces in detail. When the trucks and trains can’t get into the big cities, they won’t last 3 months. When the gas and electricity goes away, and clean water is hard to get, the cities will sue for peace.

    The Tsarnaev brothers weren’t starting a Revolutionary or Civil war, they were kicking us in the ass a tiny bit, that’s all. They caused shock and some momentary awe, but no lasting effect.

    A true Revolutionary or Civil war would be a horse of a different color.

  5. Mollbot says:

    And yet two incompetent jihadi wannabes shut down an entire US city for a day. That’s a fairly significant ROI for whatever nebulous organization they may or may not be a part of. They tied down tons of local LE and whatever other agency personnel got called up. And the younger brother wasn’t even FOUND… by a subject… er citizen… whatever… of Massachussetts until the lockdown was lifted.

    Had these scum been organized… everything near Boston but outside the lockdown zone was probably close to wide-open. Had they planned… it could have been much worse. I guess we can be thankful for stupid enemies, but when stupid policies are used to fight them, the advantage is minimized.

  6. ML27 says:

    Howdy All,

    Methinks the dude is projecting his sociopathy on others with principles and values of which he cannot fathom. He has no clue. Sad. The forefathers would be ashamed of us all. Some for their behavior, others (us) for not calling out and ridiculing such behavior – alinksy rules


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