Different states. Same “mistake”?

When Washington State and Oregon first ventured into nuclear power in the 70’s, they named their agencies rather similarly.

Washington had the Washington Public Power Supply System and Oregon had the Oregon Public Power Supply System. For the sharper knives in the audience, you may have already noticed that their acronyms were WPPSS and OPPSS. Regionally, we called them Whoops and Ooops.

Thankfully, we never actually any problems or leaks at the actual power plants. The Hanford Nuclear Reservation is another story altogether.

Last week when it was pointed out that the opponents of firearms civil rights planned to pass a bill which included  home inspections, the trifecta who sponsored the bill issued statements that basically said “Whoops! How’d that get in there?”

Tis a pity that the same provisions for home inspection have appeared in similar legislation in Oregon. I says this because if those guys issue statements saying “Ooops!”, I’m going to be rolling on the floor.

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2 Responses to Different states. Same “mistake”?

  1. Mollbot says:

    Nuclear reactors are held to a higher standard than storage facilities with regard to containment. Then, too Hanford is a federal facility and the Feds have been breaking the law there, one way or another, for decades. Not the point of your post, I know.

  2. Heartless Libertarian says:

    It has been pointed out elsewhere that Mr. Kline has made the same whoopsie at least twice before with AWB-type legislation.

    It’s not a mistake if you do it three times.

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