What are you doing Saturday?

Anyone? Anyone?

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6 Responses to What are you doing Saturday?

  1. Mollbot says:

    Taking the family to the range, methinks. BTW: just read an article on “The Hill” which talked about banning “high-capacity ammunition.” Even relatively gun-friendly journalists are so ignorant in this arena…

    Would that mean shotgun shells with more than the normal amount of buck shot? Flechette rounds?

  2. tkdkerry says:

    I’m teaching a self-defense seminar. I’m sure I can work a little talk on firearms into it somewhere. 😉

  3. NotClauswitz says:

    Saturday is a Match-day – and maybe I’ll see how the B.A.D. lever works, and then there’s the new scope-o-roony on teh Noveske – and godspeed John Noveske, it is truly sad.

  4. Rolf says:

    Well, there’s not a lot of things on the wall at the local shops I’m really interested in, and ammo supplies are low while price is up. Maybe I’ll just go to the range again.

    I was looking online at MidwayUSA for some reloading stuff, and they are limiting how much you can buy of what little they DO seem to have available. I’d ordered some replacement springs and parts back in November, and they retroactively reduced the number they were shipping when the back-ordered stuff finally did show up yesterday. Check out what they have in in the way of, say, 30 cal or 45 cal bullets – slim pickings, unless you are into gas-checked cast lead or high end small-box stuff.

  5. Mollbot says:

    Looks like range day is postponed to Sunday for me now. The wife did a scheduling end-run…

  6. Joshua T. Rowe says:

    I’ll be at my state capitol.


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