Their Wish List

The Seattle Times figured they’d be cute and come up with list of “Headlines We’d Like To See” for their first edition editorial of 2013.

From their list:

Seahawks win Super Bowl

Well duh. Wouldn’t we all?

State unemployment falls below 4 percent

It’ll never happen under our current President. Unless he attempts to run for a third term, in which case the media will gladly swallow and reprint whatever statistics his Labor office releases.

Congress adopts amendment calling for two-thirds vote of both houses for war

I could enjoy seeing this one as well. Especially if they attach a tax increase requirement to each declaration. No more fudging the budget.

TSA to stop X-raying travelers’ shoes

Again, this will never happen. The Security Theater Show must go on!

U.S. Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage across country

This one might become reality. But I would much rather prefer to see the headline “U.S. Supreme Court tells government to get out of the marriage business” and be done with all the bullshit.

And so on and so on. But then they get into stupid ideas for headlines that strum the strings of the Statist Progressive hearts with suggestions such as:

Run on gun safes on eve of tough new state law

Won’t happen. Not only because it is both morally wrong and unconstitutional to force people to lock their firearms away where they are of no use to someone who needs them for self defense, but because it a stupid idea.

There is also:

Tea party supports assault-weapons ban

Which TEA Party? There was no “Tea Party” in any of the Voter Pamphlets I received this last year. If they’re thinking of the lobbying groups/PAC’s that abound in the movement, I can guarantee that’ll never happen because an “assault weapons ban” is a stupid idea put forth by stupid people, and TEA Party people know this.


For people who “write the news” they sure do seem a bit naive and uninformed.

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  1. Sulaco says:

    Just more reasons supporting my leaving the Seattle Pravda long ago.

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