Mental Health Deficiencies

Over at the Huff-a-ton Post, Michael Bader shows us that he has (at least) one.

In his post, he attempts to lay out a case in which he proves the NRA’s to be hypocrites for their call for better detection and treatment for the mentally ill. His central argument is that the only way to make detection and treatment better is through a massive increase in government’s involvement in the daily lives of Americans, and that “the cost would make the War on Poverty and the Great Society look like a walk in the park and their cost mere chump change.”

And since the NRA is more in favor of individual liberty than a massive nanny state, he concludes that the NRA and those who agree with them are hypocrites.

Mr. Bader is actually Dr. Bader. His degree is in the realm of “Medical Humanities”, a social science and not a hard science, so he has been likely inoculated from the idea that there are other solutions to problems besides the government.

Bader has probably never even though of making the guideline for theĀ  involuntary commitment of the violently insane more navigable to mere mortals such as family members. It is also highly unlikely that he has pondered the idea that violent schizophrenics and those who suffer from psychotic delusions should be retained under supervision for more than a few weeks before they are “released and monitored”.

His “Medical Humanites” degree has bent his idea of what a “human right” is. Your right to self defense does not exist in his world of free roaming psychopaths currently on the outside of the revolving door of American psychiatric treatment. To him, those who are barely able to care for themselves or even recognize reality should have more rights than productive members of society.

And if you disagree with him, then you must just be an idiot. Because he is a psychotherapist with an opinion.

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