Gun Show Blues

All the cool kids are blogging about the Indy 1500.

Sadly, I’ve never been to a gun show.

Happily, after a decade-plus-long convoluted court case that went all the way to the 9th Circuit three or four times (I lost count), we now can look forward to a gun show at the Alameda County Fairgrounds some time this Spring.

First one in more than thirteen years, folks.

Oh, yeah, and we won’t be having any negligent discharges, because per the court case, all of the guns in the show will be cabled to the tables. So there.

And yes, the judges of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just sort of assumed that all gun shows were conducted that way. You have been warned.

This being Alameda County, I expect that evil violence-sourced meat jerky products will be replaced by a more peacefully-harvested protein snack.

Spirulina algae is pretty good.



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4 Responses to Gun Show Blues

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    Never been to a single one? Not to the San Jose show nor the Cow Palace? All those years you missed the painted Russian nesting dolls, beef-jerky, and jewelery? 🙂

  2. FiftycalTX says:

    Uh, and you are still in the Republik of Kalipornia because what?

  3. tkdkerry says:

    “Sadly, I’ve never been to a gun show.”

    Man, you’ve got to spend some time in free(er) America. If you’ve got the time and $, a pilgrimmage for a weekend to the Tulsa Wanenmacher show will be 2 days in heaven. I try to go at least once a year.

  4. Mollbot says:

    Good thing you hadn’t planned to see the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA. After their decision a week ago to ban AR-platform rifles and standard magazines from the show, over 300 businesses and 40+ celebrity guests or speakers boycotted the show. It has now been canceled by the anri- gun Reed Exhibitions, who might want to stick to flower shows in the future. It’s been an interesting story to follow.

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