Chickenshit Legislators in Idaho

A “Random Guy” at the Idaho Capital building links up with a group of Boy Scouts who are getting a tour. The Representative giving the tour assumed the guy was a member of the group and did nothing to deter Random Guy from joining the tour.

During the majority of the tour, Random Guy does nothing to gain the attention of anyone. He wasn’t being a creep, or rude, or acting conspicuously in any way.

Until the tour made its way into the offices of the Representatives, where Random Guy was seen fingering through the trash bins beside the desks. Later, he started taking pictures of the desks with his phone.

At this point a Capital building security guard confronted him. Random Guy’s response was “If I’m not being arrested or detained, I don’t have to answer your questions.” After which he promptly left.

Yes, Random Guy’s actions are a bit strange, but it is “The People’s House” of Idaho. When your workplace is public property, the public is going to view your workplace. Tough shit.

Now, this is where the “chickenshit” portion of the story arrives. What I haven’t told you is that Random Guy was open carrying. This fact is causing the Representatives and Senators to speak in Pants Shitting Hysterical tones.

Even, and especially, the “pro-gun” guys.

They’re talking about “new rules” about firearms being allowed on the grounds and “off-limits” areas.

Fuck that. This isn’t your property, it belongs to the tax payers of Idaho.

Read the whole story. At no time did the guy do anything belligerent or violent, even when confronted by security. And when he was asked to leave he did exactly that without so much as a backward glance.

I know that the majority of the quoted Representatives and Senators are Republicans from the story.

I know that they are “pro-gun” because the left-wing blogs are having a bit of a field day with the “Second Amendment NIBMY-ism” of these chickenshit elected officials.

The words and actions of these Representatives and Senators are not helping. They need to either STFU or find another line of work.

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3 Responses to Chickenshit Legislators in Idaho

  1. Davidwhitewolf says:

    I visited the Idaho Capital building on the way to my first Boomershoot. It is really, really pretty inside. The veiny stone and marble are just an astonishing contrast to the concrete landscape just outside the doors.

  2. Mollbot says:

    Shame. The wife and I have talked about moving to Idaho one day. Would like pols with a bit more backbone… though think of the reaction this same story would get in Olympia, Eugene, or Sacramento!

  3. dustydog says:

    There is nothing wrong, inappropriate, or unusual with joining a tour. Between the choice of hearing someone knowledgeable talk about the building, right now when it is convenient or not, many tourists will follow a tour guide. Interview anybody that gives free tours, and he’ll tell you that people join the group and leave the group. It shouldn’t be in the story. It is a bald attempt to prejudice the readers. If had been black, or wearing a Gay Pride T-shirt, or Obama Forward knee pads, the editors would have judged these facts and kept them from the readers.

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